October 1, 2016

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CTAHR presents HDOA’s Apiary Program: Beginning Beekeeping, Honey Bee Biology, Honey Bee Health…

*Beginning Beekeeping & Honey Bee Biology click to see complete info>> KONA Beginning beekeeing class, October 18, 2016 When: Tuesday, October 18, 5-8 pm (PowerPoint lecture) *Honey Bee Health: Pests & Diseases click to see complete info >> KONA Bee health class, October 19, 2016-1 When: Wednesday, October 19, 8:30 am- 12 noon (PowerPoint lecture) *Hands-on Apiary Session for all When: Wednesday, ... Read More »

September 2016 – The Independent Voice

KCFA Needs Volunteers, Climate Change and Coffee Production, Coffee & Art Stroll, Jamaica Addresses Coffee Counterfeiting, Made in Hawaii, Methyl Bromide in the News, Man’s Transported Landscapes – Agriculture on the Move, Salute to Supporting Business Member: ROASTAR, Recipe: Coffee and Cookie Brownies ...Write to Us Read More »