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Message from the President – August 2014

Well known Coffee Reviewer, Ken Davids writes about Hawaii Coffee- in his August 2014 Newsletter

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The Independent Voice- August 2014

Mycotoxins and Coffee Topic
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Feldman Study- Economic Effects of Blending Kona

Think it is only Kona?  See the excellent NYT cartoon here

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06/21/ 2014 Little Fire Ants Success Story! -from CTAHR: Congratulations to Coffee Farmer, Kim Johnson of Rabbit Hill Road!!! After over a year of treating for Little Fire Ant with the Hawaii Ant Lab mixture of Tango and other ingredients (http://www.littlefireants.com/LFA%20fact%20sheet%205.4.pdf), Kim has eradicated LFA from her farm property. After contacting the Hawaii Ant Lab, Kim and her worker were instructed on how to treat for LFA found in her coffee trees, farm and mill. With judicious monthly Tango applications and surveys, Kim’s farm is now free of LFA. Surveys will continue to be sure that LFA do not return. Well done Kim!

05/02/14: Re:  Little Fire Ants- Tango is now available in pints for little fire ant, prior to this it was only in 2.5 gallon containers.  The product can be used on and around Coffee, but make sure you get the 2EE and product from Farm & Garden and Al’s Home and Farm Supply. The use procedures can be accessed by the web www.littlefireants.com  to know how to use the Tango.

  • El Nino Weather Condition (December 2014-February 2015) more  here
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All  FARMER UPDATES may be FOUND Here Archived from early 2014 and before - Farmer Updates, Beetle photos, Cautionary Statements, CBB video and more 

BE IT RESOLVED THAT:   The Kona Coffee Farmers Association will seek to find common ground with other groups by being collaborative and cooperative where possible while remaining fully committed to KCFA’s mission to: 1) promote and protect Kona coffee farmers’ economic interests in 100% Kona coffee; 2) to protect the Kona coffee heritage; and 3) to seek greater legal protection of the Kona coffee name. Adopted by the Kona Coffee Farmers Association’s Board of Directors, the 18th day of June 2013

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Public Hearing held 10/10/13 for Changes to the Coffee Standards 10/12/13 Newspaper report here 

Chefs Choice 5 Star Award Winners- December 2013 photo Gallery here

  • Hawaii Agricultural Mediation Program here: www.hiamp.org If you are feeling stuck, give it a try.  You will be dealing with people with experience and skill.
  • From HDOA- Cherry Farmers: Owed Back Payments? see here:

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Do you have the County’s Agricultural Exemption for your farm? Call the Co. of Hawaii Department of Finance Real Property Tax Division (Kona # 323-4880/323-4881) for more information.

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