March 2, 2015
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KCFA Board of Directors

Directors of the Board

Thomas ButlerĀ - President
Anita Kelleher- Vice President
Bruce CorkerSecretary
Kurt SchweickhardTreasurer
Colehour Bondera
Christine Coleman
Kally Goschke
Mary Lou Moss
Randy Phillips
Judith Schuman
Suzanne Shriner
Cecelia Smith
Allan Wang

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association

KCFA Standing Committees for 2015-2016
If you have concerns or ideas you would like to share, click on any of the names in red below and send an email or email here. The KCFA is a Member-driven organization and appreciates your input.

Education/Grants Committee
Suzanne Shriner and Colehour Bondera

Finance Committee
Kurt Schweickhard

Fundraising/Social Events Committee
Mary Lou Moss and Chris Coleman

Geographical Identity Committee
Colehour Bondera -Chair

Legislative Committee
Bruce Corker-Chair

Kally Goschke-Chair

Pests and Diseases Committee
Bob Smith- Chair
Andrew Yamane

Public Relations Committee
Anita Kelleher -Chair
Tom Butler, Kurt Schweickhard and Cecelia Smith

Ad Hoc Committees for 2015-2016

Authentication Representative
Chuck Moss

Branding Committee
Cecelia Smith – Chair
Bruce Corker and Mary Lou Moss

Hawaii Farmers Union United
Colehour Bondera

Librarian Historian of Reference
Bryce Decker

Website Committee
Cecelia Smith- Chair
Bruce Corker

If you have time to help with any of the above Committees, just click on their name and send them an email. They would love volunteers! mahalo

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  1. I am looking to purchase some grain pro bags. I have bought these from you in the past and was wondering if you still sell them.

    Thank you,