March 1, 2015

Harens Old Tree Estate

Harens Old Tree Estate

Exceptional Old Tree beans, location and attention to detail really make a difference.

Farm Description:
Located on the volcanic slopes of Honaunau, Mauka, 1300 to 1500 feet elevation, 5.4 acres, Over 80% of coffee trees are 100 years old and still happy and producing an extraordinary bean.
Along with the great beans I have to work with, it is the attention to detail that is taken at every step of the way that makes Harens Old Tree Estate truly special.
All coffee with the Harens Old Tree Estate label on it is from this single estate. The trees are meticulously cared for. All beans are hand picked, than milled,
sundried, aged, green milled, roasted and bagged on the estate.
All Harens Old Tree Estate coffee is aged at least 5 months before it is roasted. These are flavor packed, complex beans and needs time for all the flavor components to come together. Just like a great wine.
Only one roast style is offered! Yes I said it! The roast is a Full City / Medium dark before the oils are released. In my humble opinion this roast optimizes the rich flavors, outstanding aroma and delicate acidity. It also compliments both Origin Character and Roast Character. When coffee is roasted darker, it loses its origin character and is all about the roast.
My ultimate goal is to offer a great coffee at a reasonable price.
Give it a try youll love it!!

Directions: If you wish to visit Harens Old Tree Estate please give me a call for directions.
As you will see it is best that I meet you at the highway and escort you to the farm. Very difficult to find on your own!

We are currently offering:
DescriptionPrice (ea)
1 lb 100% Kona roasted, whole beans
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100% Kona Parchment
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Green 100% Kona
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Prices do not include shipping & handling.
Please call or email to place an order.

Harens Old Tree Estate
84-1115 Bruner Road, Honaunau, HI 96726
Phone: (808) 328-8161