August 20, 2019

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from PBARC-Significant Contributor to CBB Infestation

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR FARMERS! PBARC (Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center) has released a study on CBB in coffee raisins that is timely for our harvests, and confirms suspicions that raisins on the ground are a significant contributor in season-to-season infestation percentages. The study highlights the importance of good harvest sanitation in reducing next year’s CBB load. Click this link for ... Read More »

August 2019 The Independent Voice

KCFA Joins HCA Board, 25,000 Views & Counting, KCFA Farm Listings – Action Needed, Current Crop Problems, Hawaii Ant Lab Opens Office in West Hawaii, Judging the Ripeness of Coffee Cherry, Moisture Meter Calibration Workshop, Fancy Coffee Maker, Conflicting Coffee/Cardiovascular Studies, State Reimbursing Compost Costs, Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Melanoma, Philippine Heritage typica Coffee, How Roasting Affects Coffee Flavor and Slow Foods Read More »