KCFA Financial Policies and Procedures

As a Nonprofit Organization, Fiscal Policies and Procedures are critical components of financial management to ensure internal controls and regulatory Compliance. KCFA’s Policies and Procedures are designed to: * Protect KCFA’s assets * Ensure maintenance of accurate records of financial activities * Offer a framework for financial decision making * Provide operating standards * Ensure compliance…

National Agricultural Statistics Services (NASS)

We appreciate this effort by NASS to ask for and consider the suggestions of coffee farmers. We encourage you to review the two attached surveys, a click to view>> USDA.NASSGrower 2014-2015 and a  click to view>> USDA.NASSCOFFEEMILLERSFINALREPORT_HI-6_1_2015 and email your suggestions and comments to Ms. King email: kathy.king@nass.usda.gov . One point worth noting: in the “Grower Survey” we are asked…

March 2015 – The Independent Voice

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