KCFA Officers & Directors

Officers, directors, and committee members are KCFA members who have generously volunteered their time for the benefit of all Kona coffee farmers. They include local farmers, roasters, and others deeply involved in the advancement of Kona coffee.

KCFA welcomes new volunteers! If you have time to help with a committee or event, please contact us at info@KonaCoffeeFarmers.org with your subject of interest.

2020-2021 Officers


Colehour Bondera

Vice President

Chet Gardiner


Bruce Corker


James Monk

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Barbara Anderson
Bruce Corker

Cecelia Smith
Chet Gardiner
Colehour Bondera
Jim Monk

John Koontz
John Zulkowski
Sandra Scarr

Non-voting Board Member Suzanne Shriner, Immediate past President

2020 Committees

Communications Committee

–Cecelia Smith, Chair

–Chet Gardiner

–Suzanne Shriner

–Clare Wilson ( Newsletter Editor)


—John Koontz, Chair
—Tom Rayson
—Colehour Bondera

Events & Social Committee

–Chet Gardiner, Chair

–Bruce Corker

–Kay Dixon

Finance/Administration Committee

–Jim Monk, Chair


–Bruce Corker, Chair

–Barbara Anderson

–Sue Dursin

–Deniz Tek

–Suzanne Shriner

–Sandra Scarr


–Chet Gardiner, Chair

–Suzanne Shriner


John Zulkowski, Chair
Kay Dixon

Protection Committee

–Barbara Anderson, Chair

–Bruce Corker

–Kay Dixon

–Colehour Bondera