May 23, 2019
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About Kona Coffee

CBB Expert Dr. Benavides and Mill & Mechanical Engineer F A Vicenti-VISITS

Kona on Wednesday, October  21, 2015 CBB Expert, Pablo Benavides Machado from Colombia.  Dr. Benavides will be presenting in Kona on Wednesday, October 21 from 5pm to 7pm. The RSVP deadline is Monday, October 19. He will present a seminar “Integrated Pest Management a successful strategy to control the Coffee Berry Borer in Colombia” and visit a few farms.   ... Read More »

National Agricultural Statistics Services (NASS)

We appreciate this effort by NASS to ask for and consider the suggestions of coffee farmers. We encourage you to review the two attached surveys, a click to view>> USDA.NASSGrower 2014-2015 and a  click to view>> USDA.NASSCOFFEEMILLERSFINALREPORT_HI-6_1_2015 and email your suggestions and comments to Ms. King email: . One point worth noting: in the “Grower Survey” we are asked to identify the district in ... Read More »

March 2015- The Independent Voice

Message from the President, Exporting Coffee & Getting Paid for It, Hawaii Coffee Crop Down By 4%, KCFA Member Benefit – Our Website Classifieds, Geographical Identity Taking on a Face, Needed – Dynamic Leader for Educational Committee, Legislative Update, NBC Airs Segment on Kona Coffee Blends Awareness, Do Hawaii Coffee Grades Reflect “Quality”?, It’s Official: Americans Should Drink More Coffee, Global Coffee Consumption Rapidly Increasing, Ohi’a Forests are Important to Coffee Farming, St. Patty’s Day Special & a Joke, What to Do with Coffee Grounds Write to Us! Read More »

Your Action Needed -by Monday-please

WE really NEED YOUR TESTIMONY! If you don't do it, who will? Before Monday February 16 at 3:35 pm- please take a few minutes and just show your SUPPORT to have more REAL Kona in a bag labeled Kona Blend. Read More »

Power to the People/Farmers of 100% Kona

almost 1500 signatures and we need yours! a particular thank you to the Kona Coffee consumers and appreciators. As a reminder the Hawaii economy relies heavily on tourism and every caring voice matters. SIGN TODAY! Read More »