May 23, 2019
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About Kona Coffee

The “Kona Blend” Issue

The KCFA is NOT against blending. Blending is a roaster’s art to produce just the flavor his customer wants. What the KCFA DOES object to is LABELING of a 90% foreign coffee in a bag as a “Kona blend”. It is inherently deceptive to use the “Kona” name for 90% foreign-grown coffee. It is a matter of common sense. “Kona ... Read More »

Reputation of Kona Coffee & Target Market

Reputation of Kona Coffee   Kona Coffee is one of the 2 gran Cru coffees of the world.  Its esteemed 180 year history of providing excellence in the cup is tarnished when a consumer picks out a Kona Blend assuming it is a blend of Kona Coffees. Target Market  Kona is for the discerning coffee drinker who wants a great cup ... Read More »

Kona Coffee Farmer Costs

The Kona Coffee farmer farms under the US Department of Agriculture regulations, paying employees a fair wage, adhering to all the rules & regulations. The Kona Coffee farmer is an independent farmer, paying taxes, health insurance, property insurance etc Land is expensive in Hawaii Fuel and fertilizer etc. must be shipped long distances to get to Hawaii.  We have no ... Read More »

“KONA” name

Only coffee grown in the North and South districts of Kona may use the geographic designation of Kona. The KCFA feels that the use of the word “Kona” in a 10% Kona Blend (90% of which is non-Kona) is abusive.  There are no Federal regulations protecting Kona Coffee.  Anyone outside of Hawaii can use the word “Kona” as they wish- ... Read More »

Kona Coffee Labeling Regulations- State of Hawaii

Labeling:  If a Hawaiian geographic origin is used in labeling or advertising roasted or instant coffee, the green coffee beans used in that roasted or instant coffee beans and coffee certification must meet the grade standard requirements of rules adopted under chapter 147. Font size:  Provided that the quantity statement is in compliance with all labeling requirements, the quantity statement ... Read More »

Kona Coffee – Shade Grown, Bird Friendly, and always Fairly Traded

The above terms are used in the coffee trade to describe coffees from third-world growing areas where farmers have changed from the old techniques of ” slash and burn”  in order to plant coffee, and  they are now planting coffee in a more environmentally-aware way, and receiving a fair farm-gate price for their crop. Kona coffee, however, is grown in ... Read More »

Kona Coffee’s Unique Ecological & Agronomical Profile

Science has not yet proven why certain soil and exposure sites produce finer coffee than others.  We can only point to certain correlations between quality coffee with certain varieties of carefully processed arabica coffee and with origins that include well-drained volcanic soils, higher elevations, and seasonal tropical wet-and-dry climates. Kona’s coffee-growing belt mimics other coffee-growing origins in a way that ... Read More »

About Kona Coffee

ABOUT KONA COFFEE Kona Coffee is the market name for a variety of coffee (Coffea arabica, Var. kona typica) cultivated on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. Only coffee from the Kona Districts, 22 miles long and 2 miles wide, can be described as “Kona”. ... Read More »