August 21, 2018
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Coffee Berry Borer, Black Twig Borer or Tropical Nut Borer

So, you think your CBB trap is full of CBB? Well, think again! Even with magnification, distinguishing CBB (Coffee Berry Borer)  from BTB (Black Twig Borer), and even TNB (Tropical Nut Borer) is difficult. A standard low-power microscope (2-3x) is not sufficient to determine whether the hairs on the back of your beetle are short and stubby, slightly flattened, or ... Read More »

2012 UH Coffee Berry Borer Survey

Aloha… The link to the 2012 CBB Survey which includes a summary and comparison with 2011 CBB survey results is here- click to view:  CBBComparison survey 2011 vs 2012 dec 1.  This an annual survey of CBB- its damage and its management- that Andrea Kawabata, Elsie B Greco, and I developed to monitor the CBB situation and on farms practices. ... Read More »

The CBB Blues – by Jason & Kollette Stith

It’s harvest time in Kona folks.  Time to walk the orchard and watch those first beans changin’ color, creepin’ towards red.  Is it too early to call in the pickers? , you ask yourself.  Should I pick this round myself?  Why didn’t I fix up the drying deck in the off season, cause now there’s no time to spare. Except ... Read More »