July 17, 2019
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Coffee Berry Borer

Hawaii Board of Agriculture Changes for B.Bassiana Documents

Received, March 8, 2011 TO: Kona Coffee Farmers Association This is to inform you that the Hawaii Department of Agriculture is seeking comments regarding the proposed Board of Agriculture order to change the list placement of Beauveria bassiana GHA by deleting B. bassiana GHA from the List of Restricted Microorganisms (Part A) and adding B. bassiana GHA on the List ... Read More »

HDOA, Board of Agriculture Hearing in Kona – February 22, 2011

Testifiers were: Colehour Bondera-KCFA, Ben Dysart-KCFA, Una Greenaway-KCFA, Dexter Washburn-KCFA, Maria da Silva-KCFA, Paul Uster-KCFA, Suzanne Shriner-KCFA, Bruce Corker-KCFA, Stefanie Delmont-KCFA (also as President of the Kona Farm Bureau), Page Trygstad-KCFA, Tom Greenwell representing the HCA,HCGA,KCC and Greenwell Farms, Gus Rouse of Kona Queen, Lily Kong-KCFA and Dr. Robert Hollingsworth-PBARC. All were in support of the Board approval. Read More »

CBB Mitigation Meeting – January 11, 2011

Development of a CBB Mitigation Program for Kona Farms held at Yano Hall 1-4pm KCFA’s CBB Committee Meeting with Members from the HDOA and PBARC (Pacific Basin Agricultural Resource Center). Candid photos and one group photo before the meeting. Read More »

Quarantine Documents

from President Bruce Corker: For your information and review, below is a copy of an email and attachments (ed. note: at bottom of page) we received this week from Clayton Nagata of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture with information on the Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) green coffee quarantine for Kona. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: <Clayton.M.Nagata@hawaii.gov> Date: Mon, Jan 3, ... Read More »

B. bassiana fungus

update 12/18/2010 by Melanie Bondera Thank you for all your feedback and input! We’ve sent the fungus off to several labs for identification. Farmers should go out and collect any b. bassiana fungus from their own farms before the harvest season ends and there are no more coffee cherries. Here’s my suggested collection procedure. Find coffee cherries with CBB, which ... Read More »

RESOLUTION Requesting the Hawaii Legislature to Provide Emergency Funding to Mitigate Damage from Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) to Kona Coffee

WHEREAS, the recent identification of CBB on farms in the Kona coffee growing region presents new economic, management and marketing challenges for Kona coffee farmers; WHEREAS, CBB threatens to negatively impact Kona coffee production that annually brings millions of dollars (more than half of the coffee revenue for the entire State) into Hawaii in the form of income to more ... Read More »

Initial CBB Observation by KCFA Farmer

Melanie Bondera- November 2010 Beauvaria bassiana fungus and Coffee Borer Beetle I went to the CBB Farmer meeting at Yano Hall on Tuesday, 11/8/10. I was not satisfied with the material being presented, but was very curious about a comment by another coffee farmer. He suggested that we’ve actually had Coffee Borer Beetle for a number of years and the ... Read More »