August 21, 2018
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Got Fungus? The CBBs are coming!

Be prepared, buy your fungus now. From last year’s experience, we know that large quantities of CBB may soon be moving around in the coffee.  In early April of 2012, swarms were spotted on many farms. This seemed to coordinate with the return of the rains but we can’t be sure. KCFA recommends that you have a supply of Botanigard/Mycotrol ... Read More »

Corrected Botanigard-ES Application Cost Chart

MARCH 2012 NEWSLETTER CORRECTION! The chart showing the approximate cost to spray coffee trees with Botanigard-ES and Spreader was incorrect due to a conversion factor error. The corrected version is shown here.  Please accept our apologies for any confusion this may have caused. Number of Trees Botanigard-ES Spreader Approx. Cost 650 2 quarts 1 quarts $135 1300 3 quarts 2 quarts ... Read More »

CBB Prevention Tip you can do today!

CBB/Broca Prevention Update*** Primary TIP- to do asap! Go and pick all of your mature green beans, old cherry and raisins off your coffee trees right now. There aren’t many beans. Think you are wasting your time? Check out the opposite of the stem end (or the belly button end), and see if you can see a dark, very small pin hole. Your ... Read More »