March 24, 2017


National Agricultural Statistics Services (NASS)

We appreciate this effort by NASS to ask for and consider the suggestions of coffee farmers. We encourage you to review the two attached surveys, a click to view>> USDA.NASSGrower 2014-2015 and a  click to view>> USDA.NASSCOFFEEMILLERSFINALREPORT_HI-6_1_2015 and email your suggestions and comments to Ms. King email: . One point worth noting: in the “Grower Survey” we are asked to identify the district in ... Read More »

Introduction to Beetle Predators of CBB-Workshop

 Educational and Interactive Workshop offered February 7, 2015 – Sheraton Keauhou Resort and Spa- Bayview Rooms Morning and Afternoon sessions.  FREE but Reservations are required! complete information is here>  Cathartus Flyer Final Read More »

Coffee Berry Borer, Black Twig Borer or Tropical Nut Borer

So, you think your CBB trap is full of CBB? Well, think again! Even with magnification, distinguishing CBB (Coffee Berry Borer)  from BTB (Black Twig Borer), and even TNB (Tropical Nut Borer) is difficult. A standard low-power microscope (2-3x) is not sufficient to determine whether the hairs on the back of your beetle are short and stubby, slightly flattened, or ... Read More »

Got Fungus? The CBBs are coming!

Be prepared, buy your fungus now. From last year’s experience, we know that large quantities of CBB may soon be moving around in the coffee.  In early April of 2012, swarms were spotted on many farms. This seemed to coordinate with the return of the rains but we can’t be sure. KCFA recommends that you have a supply of Botanigard/Mycotrol ... Read More »