May 25, 2019
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Latest KCFA Email

Lee Sugai’s FSA Advisory Committee Candidacy

To: KCFA Members From:  KCFA Board of Directors   Re: USDA/Farm Service Agency Advisory Committee Election   At the KCFA Board meeting on November 17, Lee Sugai (Kona coffee farmer and KCFA member) requested our support for his candidacy for the USDA’s Hawaii County Farm Service Agency’s advisory committee. This committee provides producer input on USDA money and resources for ... Read More »

KCFA Expired Member Renewal Appeal

9.25.2015-Membership Chair Donna Meiners sent out an appeal for past Members and Supporters to renew, below: Aloha Kona Coffee Farmers Association past Members and Supporters, My name is Donna Meiners and last Spring, I became the volunteer Membership Chairman for our Association. In KCFA, I found an organization that truly supports the small farmer: watching out for our Kona reputation ... Read More »

KCFA Membership Chair Request

Hello fellow KCFA Members, Our Harvest Fundraiser, a celebration of 100% Kona Coffee, is in 9 days! The date is August 13 and the place is Daylight Mind Coffee in Waterfront Row, on Alii Drive from 5-9pm. Id like to ask you to attend and and to show your support.I believe we are fortunate to have a heritage crop that ... Read More »

Grant is a GO! email: 06/27/2014

The KCFA Grant for B. bassiana has ended. Finally great news to share with you! You may now apply for your Grant Voucher!  Go to and on the right upper side is an orange box that says: Members Only- Login to manage your Account  Login with your username and password. Click on Grant Voucher Form and proceed. One Voucher per ... Read More »

National Agricultural Statistics Services (NASS)

We appreciate this effort by NASS to ask for and consider the suggestions of coffee farmers. We encourage you to review the two attached surveys, a click to view>> USDA.NASSGrower 2014-2015 and a  click to view>> USDA.NASSCOFFEEMILLERSFINALREPORT_HI-6_1_2015 and email your suggestions and comments to Ms. King email: . One point worth noting: in the “Grower Survey” we are asked to identify the district in ... Read More »

Power to the People/Farmers of 100% Kona

almost 1500 signatures and we need yours! a particular thank you to the Kona Coffee consumers and appreciators. As a reminder the Hawaii economy relies heavily on tourism and every caring voice matters. SIGN TODAY! Read More »