May 23, 2019
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Legislative Objectives

RESOLUTION Requesting the Hawaii Legislature to Provide Emergency Funding to Mitigate Damage from Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) to Kona Coffee

WHEREAS, the recent identification of CBB on farms in the Kona coffee growing region presents new economic, management and marketing challenges for Kona coffee farmers; WHEREAS, CBB threatens to negatively impact Kona coffee production that annually brings millions of dollars (more than half of the coffee revenue for the entire State) into Hawaii in the form of income to more ... Read More »

Hawaii County Council Resolution 397 10

Hawaii County Council Resolution 397 10 introduced by Council Member Kelly Greenwell and passed unanimously by the entire Council on November 4, 2010 A RESOLUTION TO SEEK MONETARY ASSISTANCE IN COMBATING AND CONTROLLING THE COFFEE BEAN BORER. WHEREAS, coffee is the leading agricultural field crop on Hawai’i Island; and WHEREAS, the coffee bean borer has been recently identified as an ... Read More »

Resolution Calling for the Immediate Suspension of Green Coffee Imports Into Hawai’i

Kona Coffee Farmers Association Resolution OF October 19, 2010 RESOLUTION CALLING FOR THE IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF GREEN COFFEE IMPORTS INTO HAWAII 1—WHEREAS, one of the critical duties of the HDOA and its Plant Quarantine and Plant Pest Control Branches is to prevent introduction and spread of pests and diseases harmful to Hawaii agriculture; 2—WHEREAS, in the past month it has ... Read More »

August 2010 Update

“Why is Hawaii the only region anywhere in the world that permits the use of the name of one of its premier specialty agricultural crops with only 10% genuine content?”- President, Bruce Corker at the KCFA Annual Meeting- January 2010 August 2010 Must Read: 2010 Candidates Respond to KCFA Questionnaire ATTN: KCFA Members, it’s a must-read! to Vote Smart! it was ... Read More »

Feldman Replies- Letter to the Editor of West Hawaii Today

Coffee study Thursday, March 18, 2010 8:28 AM HST Restating the case I would like to set the record straight regarding WHT articles on Feb. 17 and March 10 based on my economic study. The study was entitled “Economic Effects of Blending Kona Coffee A Preliminary Analysis” not “Economics of the Hawaii Coffee Industry,” as reported. This distinction is important ... Read More »

Teruel Declaration

“Teruel Declaration” (Teruel, 26 June 2009) The members of OriGIn – the Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network – meeting in Teruel for its fourth General Assembly, agree, on behalf of millions of producers from all over the world, to adopt the following Declaration: By providing jobs for millions of individuals around the world, helping preserve the environment and ... Read More »

Legislative Update

We’ve had the Political support of Hawaii County and State in the following: Hawaii County Council Resolution No. 18-06 Hawaii County Resolution No. 417-07 Hawaii State Democratic Party-2008 KCFA’s Legislative Objectives are set forth in our four formal Position Statements: “Green Coffee Imports”, “10 Percent Blend Law”, “Truth-in-Labeling”, and “GMO Coffee Position”. Green Coffee Imports-Position Statement 10% Blend Law- Position ... Read More »