July 17, 2019
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Why we need to Support and Celebrate 100% Kona

Thank you to our generous Sponsors and to those of you who have already bought tickets! You all are simply awesome! It's going to be a wonderful evening.There is still time left so don't hesitate to be part of the Celebrate 100% Kona party! Read More »

August 2015 The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom, Letter from Mary Lou, Starbucks Cold Brew, Legislative Update, Feral Pig Pilot Project, Are You Taking Care of Your Underground Herd?, What’s Kona Worth?, Beetles and Bugs, International Coffee Industry Problems and a Recipe: Kona Coffee Pot Roast Read More »

July 2015 The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom about The Dinner, Legislative Update, Marijuana-infused Coffee, The Relationship between Soil and Trees, USDA – ARS CBB Research Funding, The Wrath of Grapes Why Chicory is added to Coffee, KCFA Supporting Business Members, (yummy) Recipe: Salted Coffee Caramel Sauce, and Write to Us! Read More »

Non-Member Grant Application

The KCFA Grant Voucher Program has ended. None are available. We’d like to ask you to consider Membership in the all-volunteer Kona Coffee Farmers Association (KCFA).    Why Become a Kona Coffee Farmers Association Member?                                                       ... Read More »

Grant is a GO! email: 06/27/2014

The KCFA Grant for B. bassiana has ended. Finally great news to share with you! You may now apply for your Grant Voucher!  Go to www.KonaCoffeeFarmers.org and on the right upper side is an orange box that says: Members Only- Login to manage your Account  Login with your username and password. Click on Grant Voucher Form and proceed. One Voucher per ... Read More »

June 2015 The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom, This Month on the Farm , “The Independent Voice” Cited in Entomological Journal, Kona Coffee for Chuck & Mary Lou, Legislative Update, It’s an El Nino Year! The Plant Whisperer, Vidalia Onion Brand Protected by Georgia Dept of Ag, Bees, Fish, and Cat Susceptibility to Pyrethrin, Coffee Trees planted on Mauna Kea for Reforestation, What to do with Used Coffee Grounds, A Tip from Mary Lou, Recipe: Kona Coffee Rub for Burgers, Write to Us Read More »

May 2015 The Independent Voice

Coffee Talk: Vertical Selection and Suckering, USDA Deputy Secretary Visit , Legislative Update, Coffee Can Ward Off Breast Cancer, Bees, Birds, Beetles and Coffee Cherry, Wanted: Membership Chair, Who is Protecting our “Brand”?, Farmers Soil Work Group to Form, Aloha Mary Lou and Chuck, Message from Mary Lou, Ode to Mary Lou, Recipe: Cacao Coffee Truffles Read More »

April 2015 – The Independent Voice

Message from the President, Kona Coffee Prices, Time to Fertilize Your Coffee, UN Organization to Study Impacts of 10% Blends, Steiman’s Response to March Article on Coffee Quality, 1908 Article about False labeling of Kona Coffee, Buy Direct from Farmer Listings, Can Coffee reduce Risk of MS?, Legislative Update, CBB Evolution and Our Own, Biodegradable Coffee Cups Embedded with Seeds, Recipe: Coffee & Spice Rubbed Salmon Tacos Read More »