May 24, 2019
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Council District 7 Candidates answer KCFA Questionnaire

Candidate Questionnaire—from the Kona Coffee Farmers Association  RESPONSE DATE:  September 26, 2018  For the three questions below, please select either “yes”, “no”, or “other”.  Comments are optional, but would be very helpful.  “Yes” answers will indicate support for positions taken by the Kona Coffee Farmers Association (“KCFA”) and support for the interests of Hawaii coffee growers.  We will provide summaries ... Read More »

September 2018 The Independent Voice

Candidate Forum Wrap-Up, Made in Hawaii Festival, Coffee & Art Stroll, Moisture Meter Calibration Workshop, Reduce State taxes – Join the EZ Program Slow Foods Nations Festival, Recipe: Kona Coffee Brownies , Commentary Read More »

Made In Hawaii Festival photos

The KCFA held a successful event at the Made in Hawaii Festival on Oahu, from August 17-19, 2018 with over 40,000 attendees. The KCFA booth was beautifully decorated with lots of handouts, displays and bags of coffee. Big Mahalo to Chris Coleman KCFA Board member, for generously donating the entire Booth cost to the KCFA. The complete KCFA membership was ... Read More »


In the last week of June KCFA’s Legislative Committee sent questionnaires with 3 coffee-related questions to candidates for West Hawaii legislative offices and to candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor. [Note–questions to candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor were slightly modified to reflect administrative, rather than legislative offices.] Responses were requested from candidates by July 24.  Below are the 3 ... Read More »

August 2018 The Independent Voice

Candidates Respond to KCFA Questionnaires, What are Your Coffee Problems?, Drying Coffee – The Key to Quality, Research on Coffee Drying Methods, Why Some Coffees are Sweeter than Others, 100% Hawaiian Macnuts with 100% Kona Coffee, Coffee,Bees and Climate Change, The Unsung Heroines of the Coffee Industry, Social Media 101, USDA 2018 Transportation Reimbursement Program,Recipe: Kona Coffee Satay and Write to Us Read More »

July 2018 Slow Food Nations Festival

Slow Food Nations Festival Aloha KCFA Members: For the second year in a row, KCFA will be an Exhibitor in mid-July at the Slow Food Nations festival in Denver, CO.  Take a look at the website:  See KCFA listed as a participant in the Taste Marketplace section. Remember that Slow Food USA has granted Pure Kona Coffee their Ark of ... Read More »

July 2018 The Independent Voice

President’s Message, Legislative Update, Vog and Your farm, Canadian Tariff on Coffee Beans, Slow Foods Nation Preparation, Giant Mushroom Cluster,Sorting Coffee Beans by Smell, CTAHR Needs Your Input, Kona Historical Society Auction, Coffee and Heart Health Study, Another Use for Coffee Grounds, Recipe: Kona Coffee Fudgy Brownie Read More »

June 2018- The Independent Voice

Volcano Emissions Injury to Plant Foliage, Volcanic Effect on Ka’u Coffee, Legislative Update, KCFA Supports Pahoa Evacuees, Brew and Roast Guide, Slow Food Nations Festival, Video on Rat Lungworm Disease, Thoughts on Coffee Terroir, No – Coffee does not Cause Cancer, What Do You Want to Learn?, Op/Ed – Distinguishing Coffee Grades, Response to OP/ED, Arabica Genome Sequenced, Coffee Tips, Recipe: Kona Coffee Mochi Write to Us Read More »

May 2018 The Independent Voice

President’s Message, Vertical Selection Workshop,The United Nations & Kona Coffee, Coffee Quality Workshop, CTAHR - Rat Lung Worm Disease Prevention Video, Proposed Resolutions, EXPO 2018 Photos, Coffee Flowers of Different Varieties, Recipe: Coffee Mousse Read More »