February 26, 2017
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OriGIn’s 5th General Assembly- September 29, 2011

 200 representatives of GI producers some 35 countries gathered in Guadalajara (Mexico), on 29 September, 2011  for the 5th General Assembly of oriGIn and adopted a comprehensive strategy to promote Geographical Indications (GIs) protection at the global level for the biennium 2012-2013. This strategy is contained in the Declaration of Guadalajara. click origin09.29.11PR  for complete report Read More »

KCFA vs. Safeway Class Action Suit

Latest regarding the Safeway Kona Select Brand Kona coffee dispute prompts class-action lawsuit September 15, 2011 – 10:08pm By JENNIFER SINCO KELLEHER | The Associated Press “HONOLULU — A spat involving Safeway and Hawaii coffee growers is still brewing, even after the supermarket giant agreed to change labeling on its Kona blend coffee…” read the full story here CONTACT PERSON ... Read More »

KCFA vs. Safeway’s Kona Select Brand

KCFA vs. Safeway’s Kona Select Brand August 12, 2011 – HPR’s The Conversation with KCFA’s Paul Uster regarding the Safeway Boycott here August 11, 2011 – Video link from KITV (Honolulu) of KCFA‘s Boycotting Demonstration of here August 9, 2011 – HPR’s The Conversation speaks with Safeway’s Public Affairs Director here August 6, 2011 – Communication from Safeway: from AP ... Read More »

KCFA Boycott Resolution

RESOLUTION CALLING FOR A NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT OF SAFEWAY STORES 1. WHEREAS Safeway is selling packages of coffee in its mainland stores called “Safeway Select Kona Blend”; and 2. WHEREAS the label of this product tells consumers to “Revel in the unmatched taste of savory beans from Hawaii’s Big Island”; and 3. WHEREAS the label does not give any indication whatever ... Read More »

Kona Farmers: Coffee Bill On Gov’s Desk Creates More Confusion, Not Less

Kona Farmers: Coffee Bill On Gov’s Desk Creates More Confusion, Not Less by Lynn Nakagawa of CivilBeat.com Link to article: http://tinyurl.com/3hdardv – – – – – – – – Kona Farmers: Coffee Bill On Gov’s Desk Creates More Confusion, Not Less By Lynn Nakagawa  04/19/2011 A bill awaiting Gov. Neil Abercrombie‘s signature is intended to prevent mislabeling of Kona coffee ... Read More »

2011 KCFA Expo

Specifically for Small Farmers Friday, January 28, 2011 9:30 am -2:30 pm (Doors open at 9 am) Old Airport Pavilion-Makaeo Keynote Speaker: Hawaii Department of Agriculture Chairman, Mr. Russell Kokubun on The Agricultural Renaissance for Hawaii 1:30 – 2:30 pm Speaker Schedule: 10a-11a Dr. Skip Bittenbender, CTAHR and CBB Update (Held in room mauka of stage) 11a-11:30a Tom Greenwell & ... Read More »

RESOLUTION Requesting the Hawaii Legislature to Provide Emergency Funding to Mitigate Damage from Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) to Kona Coffee

WHEREAS, the recent identification of CBB on farms in the Kona coffee growing region presents new economic, management and marketing challenges for Kona coffee farmers; WHEREAS, CBB threatens to negatively impact Kona coffee production that annually brings millions of dollars (more than half of the coffee revenue for the entire State) into Hawaii in the form of income to more ... Read More »