November 21, 2017
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January 8 2016- Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes

KONA COFFEE FARMERS ASSOCIATION MINUTES–ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING January 8, 2016 Kahalu’u Beach Park Pavilion The meeting was called to order at 12:23 pm by President Tom Butler. Tom announced that a quorum of voting members was present. The minutes of the January 11, 2015, Annual General Membership Meeting were submitted for approval. Karen Zulkowski moved, with a second from ... Read More »

January 2016- The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom, Annual General Meeting, Charlie Needs a Bestie, Barrel-Aged Coffee Combines Caffeine with Alcohol, Heart-Healthy Coffee, Legislative Update, Five Star 100% Kona Coffee Chef’s Awards, “Hawaiian Kona Blend” for $4.695/lb, Coffee Farms and Carbon Offsets, Coffee, Critters, and Crisis, New Actions and Rules for Food & Pesticides, Startup cuts out the Middleman, Kona Coffee Makes Your Brain Speedier than Others, Recipe: Dirty Chai Read More »

2016 Annual General Membership Meeting of the KCFA

Notice To KCFA Members From: Bruce Corker, Secretary Re: 1/8/16 Annual General Meeting KCFA’s Annual General Meeting: The Kona Coffee Farmers Association’s 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be Friday, January 8 at the Kahalu’u Beach Park Pavilion, beginning at 11:00 am.  This will be a potluck luncheon followed by our AGM business meeting.  All KCFA members are encouraged to ... Read More »

Proposed By Law Amendments for 2016 Annual Membership Meeting

Proposed By-law Amendments The following amendments to the KCFA by-laws are recommended to the Membership by the Board of Directors.  Article XI of the by-laws provides for the adoption of amendments by a two-thirds (2/3) vote cast by the members present at a General Meeting. 1—Email Votes— the proposal is to add the following sentence to Article VI.6.2: “Adoption of ... Read More »

2015 Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes-January 11, 2015

2015 KCFA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MINUTES KAHALUU BEACH PAVILLION JAN. 11, 2015 Present Board Members: C. Bondera, C. Coleman, S. Shriner, A. Kelleher, T. Butler, B. Corker, K. Schweickhard, ML Moss, C. Smith an K. Goschke A quorum of 51 members were present. A motion to accept the 2014 AGM minutes was made by ML Moss and seconded by Jim ... Read More »

December 2015- The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom, The Heritage Committee Report,Dealing with Dengue Fever, Legislative Update, “Why Should I Join The KCFA?”, Unlicensed Farm Contractor Barred, Agritourism for Small Farm Operations, Coffee Fixes Liver Damage, CBB Research Update, Hawaiian Airlines serving “Kona Coffee”?, How Coffee became a Carcinogen... Read More »

Lee Sugai’s FSA Advisory Committee Candidacy

To: KCFA Members From:  KCFA Board of Directors   Re: USDA/Farm Service Agency Advisory Committee Election   At the KCFA Board meeting on November 17, Lee Sugai (Kona coffee farmer and KCFA member) requested our support for his candidacy for the USDA’s Hawaii County Farm Service Agency’s advisory committee. This committee provides producer input on USDA money and resources for ... Read More »

November 2015 -The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom, Is Coffee More Complex than Wine, Legislative Update, Coffee – the Unlikely Health Elixir, Coffee Value to be Based on Green Bean rather than Parchment, Even Honeybees Love Coffee!, The Perfect Blend: Intellectual Exchanges and Coffee, Kona Coffee Growers Enjoying Year’s Bumper Crop, KCFA Stickers for your Coffee Bags, Disappointing Kona Blend at another Luxury Oahu Resort, KCFA Annual Meeting Coming up in January, Truth in Labeling? Spruce up your KFCA Listing for Christmas Sales, Coffee Flour, Ripeness and Taste Article, Recipe: Ham Steaks with Red Eye Gravy Write to Us Read More »