August 21, 2018
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Kona Coffee Farmers Association Membership Benefits

Kona Coffee Farmers Association Membership Benefits Foremost, membership and participation in an organization whose primary purpose is to support Kona Coffee farmers and 100% Kona Coffee. Voting Member Benefits *Buy Direct From the Farmer Listing We offer a farm direct selling link to to your website in our Buy Direct Listing. Members of KCFA are listed with a link to ... Read More »

KCFA Member Benefit-Siriani Shipping Solutions

February 2018 UPDATE!    Shipping coffee to the mainland is expensive, and can be a sales barrier for some customers.  In the world of “free shipping”, keeping your costs low is important.  KCFA has partnered with Siriani Shipping Solutions to bring discounts to our members for a variety of carriers and there is no cost to ... Read More »

KCFA Expired Member Renewal Appeal

9.25.2015-Membership Chair Donna Meiners sent out an appeal for past Members and Supporters to renew, below: Aloha Kona Coffee Farmers Association past Members and Supporters, My name is Donna Meiners and last Spring, I became the volunteer Membership Chairman for our Association. In KCFA, I found an organization that truly supports the small farmer: watching out for our Kona reputation ... Read More »

KCFA’s Christmas Party

Kona Coffee Farmers Association’s Coffee Ohana Christmas Party! Generously hosted by KCFA Board Member Chris Coleman & Manny Ochoa  as a Benefit for the KCFA WHEN: December 11, 2014 Thursday from 5-8 pm WITH: Heavy pupus, beer, wine, desserts and friendship! WHERE:  North Kona and precise directions will be sent with receipt of your tickets Donation:  $15 per KCFA Member and for the ... Read More »

Members who use GMAIL

Dated 08/12/2013 but relevant. We want to be sure you get our emails. Updated 02/16/2016 Using GMAIL as THE address for getting your KCFA email? Read below. If your GMAIL account has been upgraded you now see 3 “tabs” at the top of your GMAIL- <Primary>, <Social> and <Promotions>, and your KCFA correspondence  is now found in <Promotions>.  We want you to get ... Read More »

KCFA Supporting Business Member Seal Program

As a buyer of the Kona Coffee Farmer Association’s 100% Kona Seals, a Supporting Business Member must agree to the following: To use the KCFA seals (right) only on bags of roasted 100% Kona Coffee, grown in the North and South Kona District of Hawaii Island, also known as the Kona Coffee Belt. To voluntarily keep records to validate use ... Read More »

Membership Renewal for 2012 and Beyond!

Membership Renewal for 2012 and Beyond! The Time is Now! Click here to Renew your membership. Your options will be presented. If you do not remember your username or password email and we’ll get back to you asap. Special for 2011!  3 years (2012+2013+2014) for the price of 2 years! Voting/Farmer Members $50 for 3 years (2012+2013+2014) for the ... Read More »