June 25, 2019
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CBB Coming through Burlap Bags After Picking

Where: Honaunau Mauka– KCFA Farmer-Farm Sprayed once and lots of active natural Fungus present during picking

When: September 29, 2011 Pickers started at 8 am and were done by noon. At 3 pm, the farm owner went to look at the bags in her truck and was surprised to see so many ants on the side of the truck. Looking into the truck at her picked bags, she found the ants on the outside of her bags as well as obvious evidence of CBB coming through the burlap.
See Photos below.

Thanks to Dan Sullivan for the data and photos, taken with a macro lens.

The ants (Argentine?) that were also found on the outside of the truck containing the burlap bags, that led to closer inspection.

CBB escaping from the heat or the pressure above this bag?

closer view of previous photo

Crawling through

Still coming through