July 17, 2019
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CBB Prevention Tip you can do today!

CBB/Broca Prevention


Primary TIP- to do asap!

Go and pick all of your mature green beans, old cherry and raisins off your coffee trees right now.

There aren’t many beans. Think you are wasting your time? Check out the opposite of the stem end (or the belly button end), and see if you can see a dark, very small pin hole. Your coffee Farm is infected with CBB/Broca if you can see that dark small pin hole. Put all pickings in a heavy duty black garbage bag ***Please Note- the CBB can drill through white kitchen bags- so use something stronger like a plastic bucket with top and o-ring,or heavy duty black garbage bag and close securely. Leave in the sun to bake. Each pin hole may have just one CBB/Broca but it could have up to 25.

By eliminating the CBB/Broca on your farm now, you will take the first step in saving your new beans and your coffee crop for 2011-2012.

Call Suzanne Shriner at 989-4883 or
Bob Smith @ 937-8329 if you have questions.