July 19, 2019
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Coffee Berry Borer, Black Twig Borer or Tropical Nut Borer

So, you think your CBB trap is full of CBB? Well, think again! Even with magnification, distinguishing CBB (Coffee Berry Borer)  from BTB (Black Twig Borer), and even TNB (Tropical Nut Borer) is difficult.
A standard low-power microscope (2-3x) is not sufficient to determine whether the hairs on the back of your beetle are short and stubby, slightly flattened, or slightly elongated. A good quality, high-power (5-15x) microscope is needed to observe these subtle differences.

True or False: The Methanol/Ethanol lure sold to trap CBB catches tons of CBB.
Correct answer: Both true and false, without high magnification it is nearly impossible to tell if your trap catch is CBB, BTB, TNB, or any of hundreds of other insects that are attracted to the very general lure. Your trap may be full of CBB, or it may be full of TNB, or it may be full of something else, without a good quality high-power (5-15x) microscope, you can’t tell.

I’m using the Methanol/Ethanol CBB lure, but how can I tell if it is actually catching CBB and not BTB or TNB?
Rob Curtiss (HDOA),the Kona entomologist says you can’t tell without a good microscope with an objective power of 5-15x.