June 25, 2019
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Coffee Berry Borer Photos

These photos show signs of coffee bean borer infestation, the damage they cause inside the cherry, and the effects of B. Bassina.


3 holes in one coffee bean (CBSmith photo)

Bassiana dribbling out of each CBB entry hole (CBSmith photo)


4 holes in one Cherry (CBSmith photo)

Occasionally, you'll find a CBB hole in the side (CBSmith photo)

from one picking (CBSmith photo)

one cluster in varying stages-all with CBB (CBSmith photo)

all colors- all CBB (CBSmith photo)

green CBB w/dime (CBSmith photo)

March 27,2011 extreme close up of B.bassiana infecting/killing/consuming a CBB on a green cherry (CBSmith photo)

February 2011- CBB close up of clipped coffee bean with infestation- notice entry holes on the tip of the ripe red uncut cherry (CBSmith photo)

B. bassiana coming out CBB entry hole on green coffee bean (Melanie Bondera photo)

Green coffee bean half rotted out from CBB with stuck dead CBB with white crystaline stuff (mycelium)in exit hole. (Melanie Bondera photo)

Red coffee cherry with B. bassiana on dead CBB sticking out the exit hole (Melanie Bondera photo)

dead CBB with white crystaline stuff (mycelium)(Melanie Bondera photo)

More B. bassiana dribbling out CBB hole (Melanie Bondera photo)

dead CBB in exit hole (Melanie Bondera photo)

dead CBB with white crystaline stuff (mycelium)- B. bassiana. (Melanie Bondera photo)

Bassiana fungus culture photo courtsey of Dr. Tracie Matsumoto, PBARC