July 17, 2019
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Got Fungus? The CBBs are coming!

Be prepared, buy your fungus now.
From last year’s experience, we know that large quantities of CBB may soon be moving around in the coffee.  In early April of 2012, swarms were spotted on many farms. This seemed to coordinate with the return of the rains but we can’t be sure.

KCFA recommends that you have a supply of Botanigard/Mycotrol as well as a silicone surfactant (Widespread/Silwet) ready to go.  Based on USDA experiments, CTAHR has increased the minimum dosage per acre.

CTAHR now recommends at least 21 oz of fungus per acre!  This amount ensures a consistent kill rate for at least 30 days, according to USDA tests in Keauhou Mauka.

In addition, research from Colombia shows that if you have more than a 2% infestation rate 120 days after initial flowering, control becomes more difficult because of CBB reproduction.  Spray early! Spray often! The cost will be offset by better quality coffee.

If you are not sure how to measure your infestation rate,  use the 30 Branches method taught by Colombian scientist Luis Aristizabal.  His presentation is here. https://www.konacoffeefarmers.org/coffee-berry-borer/monitoring-cbb-making-decisions-presentation-august-24-2012/.  KCFA will be doing a refresher course at April’s Coffee Talk, or contact Andrea at CTAHR for on-farm help.