August 20, 2019
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Grant is a GO! email: 06/27/2014

The KCFA Grant for B. bassiana has ended.

Finally great news to share with you! You may now apply for your Grant Voucher! 
Go to and on the right upper side is an orange box that says: Members Only- Login to manage your Account  Login with your username and password.

Click on Grant Voucher Form and proceed. One Voucher per KCFA Member for 50% off up to 2 gallons of Botanigard or Mycotrol, per 30 day time period.  Then you must apply again. The Grant’s Rules and Procedures may be found hereKona Coffee Farmers Association is a totally volunteer, non-profit organization and we are so pleased that our lengthy efforts to help our fellow Kona Coffee Farmers have finally paid off. Please be patient if you can’t Login to the Grant Voucher Form immediately. Our website will not be used to so much action at once. Try again later:).

We are offering our Grant to non-members as well. Click to read.  Non-Member Grant Vouchers.

Here’s to healthier Kona Coffee this year!