July 19, 2019
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Important: non-BioWorks Mycotrol-O (and potentially BotaniGard ES)

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From: Randy Martin <rmartin@bioworksinc.com>
Sent: Fri, April 15, 2011 2:49:20 AM
Subject: Mycotrol-O

Suzanne – we’ve recently become aware of some non-BioWorks Mycotrol-O (and potentially BotaniGard ES) that has found its way into the marketplace in Hawaii .  One grower purchased some material and was having a difficult time getting the material to go into solution.  In tracing the lot codes, we discovered that this material was not sold by BioWorks; in fact the material was produced in June of 2009 and expired in June of 2010.

We can only conclude that the material was brought into Hawaii and sold illegally.  I am writing you to ask that you please pass this information along to your network and get the word out.  Buyer beware!  Please check the expiration dates on every package that you purchase.  These materials can be purchased over the internet – including on e-bay – likely cheaper than through distribution and with no freshness guarantee and no technical support!

 One last thing, BioWorks is not the exclusive distributor of Mycotrol O like it is for BotaniGard ES. Therefore, any one of Laverlam’s distributors can purchase this product and we have no control over where it goes. Now that Hawaii is considering and close to taking Beauveria bassiana off the restricted list, Mycotrol O can be shipped in by anyone.

We will continue to fully support product that we sell through our distributor on the Island , CPS.

Randy Martin, Ph.D.
Product Development Manager  800-877-9443 x 307
Fax: 800-903-2377