August 21, 2018
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KCFA HDOA Beauvaria bassiana Grant Voucher Update

 KCFA HDOA Bb Grant Announcement
   FINAL NOTICE regarding the fact that the KCFA grant with HDOA is closed.
   Glad that we could help you all with this opportunity and please participate if contacted for evaluation input on impacts and how could be of better service than was.

 Beauveria Subsidy Options

As the KCFA grant has closed, there are still two options for receiving subsidies for the Botanigard and Mycotrol products.

1)One is the ongoing SHAC program, sponsored by the USDA. To participate, the grower collects data on beetle activity on their farm via the Thirty Trees method and receives a 75% subsidy in exchange. More info can be had by emailing  

2) Save your receipts!  The Hawaii Department of Agriculture CBB Subsidy Program, beginning soon, will reimburse a percentage of the cost for Botanigard and Mycotrol products, once the application process is completed.  The program is in effect through 6/30/2019.  Farm TMK and other relevant information is required. Costs are reimbursed up to $600 per acre per year, and up to $9,000 per farm per year. Email for sign-up information.



  1. Cecelia B. Smith

    When you Log in, you get to a page that says this:
    [Welcome KCFA Member!
    Aloha and Welcome, Your N.
    Thank you for logging in! You are now in the Member-only section.]
    Scroll down a bit and look for that Yellow Highlighted: [Grant Voucher Form] – click on it and go.

  2. Kristi Valentine

    We are new to the coffee farming business and are wondering where to get/order the coffee bags and labels for our internet sales.

    Thanks so much!

    Kristi Valentine

    • Cecelia B. Smith

      Welcome Kristi! To get/order your bags and seals, you need to Log In with your username/password on the Home page of our website. Once you’ve logged in- THEN go to the Store tab, at the top of the page, and you will hopefully find all that you need. Let me know if you need more info.
      with aloha

      • I should have clarified more. I’m talking about the individual coffee bags like you buy at the stores. 12 oz and 8 oz bags.

        • You need to research them yourselves although we do have a Supporting Business Member Roastar: who sells pre-printed ones. Otherwise try GOOGLE [pound coffee bags]. Available will be foil lined or paper etc. Companies will also give you color, size and valve/no valve choices. (The reason for the one way valve is to let the gases that build up in roasted beans, escape from the bag without blowing up the bag:^).)

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