September 18, 2018

Foliar Fertilizers approved to mix with Fungus

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    Suzanne Shriner

    Good news! The makers of Botanigard/Mycotrol have updated their compatability chart and there are now several foliar (liquid) fertilizers on the list. They have also cleared Pyronol and Surround WP clay to mix with the fungus. This greatly expands our options for combining crop and beetle management!

    The foliar ferts listed are Grow More (15-5-25) and Grow Green. I know Al’s in Kealakekua carries one of the products (not sure which).

    MIXING SEQUENCE: Mix fungus first then ferts.

    The full chart is here


    Hans Eckert

    Aloha Suzanne,

    This is indeed good news. I’ve been doing some of this since beginning to use Mycotrol (April 2012), and all of the extra stuff was always OMRI. However, I was always not quite sure if other substances could retard Mycotrol’s potency.
    I have looked through the “Approved Lists” provided but two substances must have escaped my attention. I did not see Kelp Meal (which I use for Potassium), as well as EM plus sugar (molasses). Are they, for any reason, excluded or did I just miss them?

    Mahalo for your good work!



    Hi Hans,

    I really don’t know. Bioworks (the fungus maker) has done a lot of testing. You might email them directly through their website. I would think both would be fine, but I’m not sure which carrier agents might be in the products.

    Just a word on the microbio products like EM. Some farmers are mixing these with the fungus and letting them “stew” overnight in the belief that this will create a superfungus. I had an extensive conversation with Bioworks about this. I was hoping that it was true. They are emphatic that this is a bad practice. I was told that they have been answering this question for 20 years. Brewing up other microbials with the fungus risks introducing pathogens that can prey on the B. bassiana. At best, you are diluting the product, at worst, you are feeding the product to other fungi. So brew compost teas separately. Their words, not mine.

    Note: predation is not a risk in the spray tank because of the short contact time. This only refers to brew tanks.


    Has anyone mixed BAM with Botanigard or checked if it damages the Botanigard?

    Thanks Robert Moeller -Kaloko Blue Rock Coffee


    Suzanne Shriner

    Hi Robert, BAM has not been compatibility checked by the makers of Botanigard. I have heard that some people are mixing the two and feel that the Botanigard works, however I haven’t seen any data on this.

    I would recommend that if you are considering spraying the two together, do a little experiment. Divide your farm in half and do the 30 trees on each section. Spray half your farm with just Botanigard and the other half with the BAM/Botanigard mix. Do the 30 Trees again about 14 days after spraying. Look at the kill rate. This simple experiment should give you a rough indication if its stable.


    Okay thanks for the quick reply. Don’t check my home email so much after all the work ones.I think the BAM is good for trees and soil but not sure about bug kill with BAM. trying to cut down the work load some.


    so after all this time does that mean i can use BAM mixed with Botanigard and with that comment can you put in an update to the matching grant money for Botanigard. Mine as actually expired by 6 months but still using last bit up but need to by new stock and i guess I’ll save the receipt and and hope i can submit
    Aloha Robert Moeller


    Suzanne Shriner

    Aloha Robert,
    HDOA currently has a retroactive subsidy program running. Save your receipts, definitely, and contact Gwen at HDOA about registering for the reimbursement. 323-7578 or online application at

    We still don’t know about Beauveria and BAM mixtures and how it might effect your fungus. If you do choose to mix BAM and Beauveria, I highly recommend doing it in small batches and spraying immediately, to reduce the chance of Beauveria mortality from any BAM ingredients.

    We do know that BAM does NOT kill CBB, regardless of any claims that it does. HDOA and CTAHR ran a season-long study with BAM and found no beetle mortality (in other words, no dead CBB). I say that because some people are only spraying BAM for CBB, which is going to work out badly when they sell their coffee.

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