September 18, 2018

Malathion and Sevin

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    Candi Johnson

    We just received the email regarding malathion and Sevin and coffee plants. Please consider the following documented information quite seriously when discussing this issue:

    “Malathion is highly toxic to bees, whether from direct contact, contact with foliar residues, or contact with residues on pollen.” Source: National Pesticide Information Center.

    “Carbaryl is also highly toxic to honeybees and other pollinators and may a contributor to colony collapse disorder, which is affecting bees across the country.” Source: NRDC

    “Carbaryl poses ecological risks, particularly to honey bees and aquatic invertebrates.” Source: EPA

    “Carbaryl is very high in toxicity to honey bees and can harm beneficial insects.” Source: National Pesticide Information Center.

    While it is also good to point out that the use of these compounds are illegal and not cleared for coffee, I feel it’s more important to make island growers aware of one simple fact: NO BEES, NO COFFEE. Period.

    Candi Johnson, owner
    `Ihilani Coffee Company

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