September 18, 2018

Mycotoxins and coffee

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    What are your experiences or thoughts?



    Sorry sources did not make it into final newsletter copy. Happy to provide any that anyone is interested in.



    Dear friend just sent several pounds of Kona Coffee. I am allergic to the mycotoxins in standard processes coffee. Can you inform me if Kona Coffee is considered mycotoxin free?
    Thank you!




    Aimee, personally as a KCFA volunteer and the one who submitted the review for discussion (and no authority on the subject) I have not heard of anyone offering tested coffee here in Kona, or elsewhere, but there may very well be.

    I would think to make sure coffee is ochratoxins free, one would have to test it themselves as an end user. I say this because Aspergillus is practically ubiquitous and can grow at any stage of growing, processing, distribution or storage even in ones home, if conditions are right. Accurate testing is extremely difficult because getting a representative random sample is very complicated. It would be interesting to see the guarantees of those marketing ‘mycotoxin free coffee’.

    Unfortunately the sources of my review did not transfer to newsletter but I can provide them as there is light reference to your question.

    As with obtaining any quality food product, purchasing from a known farmer or distributor, such as a single estate coffee, can better you chances of quality. If you are extremely sensitive I would say testing a small amount by smelling or drinking, in lieu of an actual test, as bodies respond differently to natural components.

    Communicate with your farmer or distributor. Fair warning: expect delays, we are busy harvesting coffee presently. We like to expound upon the qualities of Kona coffee when time allows.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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