April 21, 2019
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EXPO 2015 Exhibitor Slide Information

EXPO 2015 Exhibitors- Slide information

A file with your logo, or a picture of your storefront, or a description of your goods and services as they relate to farming.

Need your file sent to:  Paul Uster (brun0-kcfa@usa.net) by January 10th at the latest! Files received after that cannot be included but you’ll still be entitled to a plain text slide.

File Details:
We want a .jpg –please

Make sure the file is not:

  • CMYK format
  • Progressive format
  • Highly compressed
  • Above 8192 x 8192 resolution
  • .bmp
  • Gif
  • Animated
  • .png

Our computer geek would appreciate getting your file sooner rather than later:) so don’t hesitate. Mahalo