July 17, 2019
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November 9, 2015 17th Annual Coffee and Art Stroll

Over 2,500 visitors and local folks enjoyed Saturday’s Coffee & Art Stroll in Holualoa Village as part of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. During the 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. event in the historic, upcountry town, 650 people cast their votes for the “People’s Choice” award for their favorite Kona coffee. The top honors went to the Holualoa Organic Kona Coffee Company, with second place going to Oka Family Farm (KCFA Member), followed by Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Mr. Bean Kona Coffee (KCFA Member) and Waiaha River Coffee Company.

Sponsored by the Kona Coffee Farmers Association three local area Chefs, Morgan Starr from Mi’s Bistro, Haley Archibald from Holuakoa Cafe and Chef Forrest from Lava Java, sampled the fresh brews of the 35 farms participating in the event. The Chefs awarded their “100% Kona Five Star Chefs Choice Award” honors to (in alphabetical order)  Blue Corner Coffee (KCFA Member), Hala Tree Coffee (KCFA Member), Holualoa Organic Coffee, Kanalani Ohana Farm (KCFA Member), Mr. Bean Kona Coffee (KCFA Member), Sugai Kona Coffee (KCFA Member) and Three Keiki Farm.

The 17th Annual Holualoa Village Coffee & Art Stroll was produced by the Holualoa Village Association and Kona Coffee Farmers Association, with sponsorship by the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Holualoa Inn and Mountain Thunder Kona Coffee.
heartshapeTo our fabulous KCFA Volunteers: Chairs, Anita Kelleher and Kurt Schweickhard and Tom Butler, Judy Schuman, Donna Meiners, Laura Nelson, Sally Brown, Mark Dubay, Patti Fye, Susan Dursin, Karen Zulkowski, Bruce Craven and Randy Phillips for making this 17th Annual Coffee and Art Stroll such a great success!