May 23, 2019
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2012 KCFA Committee Descriptions

Standing Committees

Education Description:   Facilitate information exchange to enable Kona farmers’ improvement of the quality, yield, and profitability of their 100% Kona coffee product(s). Educate the coffee-consuming public about the opportunities, issues, and threats to this heritage industry.
Grants Description:  Seek and procure external funding for KCFA initiatives. As available, develop a grant agricultural scholarship program for North and South Kona district residents.


Description: To oversee and support the financial well-being of the KCFA, in a way that supports our mission and ensures our financial future

Fundraising/Social Events
Description: Implement and oversee the fundraising events with the goal of bringing money into the organizations as well as bringing a sense of ownership to the members.  2012 Objective:  Want members to understand that the fundraising events we engage in trickle down to them in the form of better educational seminars, better legislative efforts, better hand out materials to tourists, and better bonding at social events.

Geographic Identity
Description:  To protect the geographical identity of 100% Kona coffee through collaborative alliances, marketing, legal action, and legislation from local to international levels. 2012 Objective:  To finalize the founding of American Origin Products Association (AOPA), to participate in efforts of oriGIn in the USA and internationally, and to attend the Terra Madre in Italy to connect with other GI groups and to pass on the annual award Kona coffee received in 2010.

Description: Protect Kona Coffee interests in the Legislature: End 10% Kona Blends; Reduce Mainland Counterfeiting of Kona coffee.
2012 Objective:  In addition to the above, active involvement in the 2012 elections with candidate questionnaires and candidate forums.

Description:  Purpose is to seek (increase our numbers), embrace (recognize), involve (as volunteers), and serve (listen to their voice) our members.

Description:  Purpose is to keep current with P&D issues and to continue to act as the interface for KCFA members. 2012 Objective:  To remain active and to continue to inform KCFA members.

Description– To keep public informed and improve KCFA image

Ad Hoc Committees

Description:  Explore with UH and/or commercial interests analytical techniques that discriminate 100% Kona Coffees from non-100% Kona Coffees.


Description: To review related questions as they come in to the KCFA. 2012 Objective is to continue.

Description:  To keep all KCFA members, and the public up-to-date via the website. 2012 Objective is to re-vamp the website.

any questions may be emailed to the individual Committee Chair or