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January 8 2016- Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes


January 8, 2016
Kahalu’u Beach Park Pavilion

The meeting was called to order at 12:23 pm by President Tom Butler.

Tom announced that a quorum of voting members was present.

The minutes of the January 11, 2015, Annual General Membership Meeting were submitted for approval. Karen Zulkowski moved, with a second from Sandra Scarr, to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Kurt Schweickhard gave the Treasurer’s Report for 2015. Cea Smith moved, with a second from Bob Smith, to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion passed.


Tom Butler gave a review of highlights from the 2015 year: efforts to streamline Board meetings, a decision to hold the 2016 Coffee EXPO in March; new and different venue, timing and format for the KCFA Fundraising dinner; increased Budget for Public Relations; truth-in-labeling legislation introduced in the Legislature; and recognition of the tireless work of retiring Board Members Cea Smith, Anita Kelleher and Mary Lou Moss.

Bruce Corker gave a report on Legislative Committee’s focus on seeking passage of HB 387 in the 2016 Legislative session. This bill incorporates the request of the County Council’s Resolution No. 501-14 to raise the minimum genuine content in “Kona Blends” to 51% and to require identification of the percentage and origin of foreign-grown coffee in a blend.

Kurt Schweickhard gave a report on the very successful Holualoa Coffee & Art Stroll held in November. This event, one of the signature features of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, was co-sponsored by KCFA and the Holualoa Village Association.

Colehour Bondera reported on preparations for the KCFA’s 2016 COFFEE EXPOSITION which for the first time will be held in March. The venue for this annual event will again be the Pavilion at Old Airport Park. We have contracted with Nancy Ginter-Miller to coordinate the event, and members were encouraged to volunteer to assist in making the EXPO a continued success.


Chair of the Nominating Committee, Bruce Corker, presented the Committee’s recommendation that the membership, pursuant to Article V.1.2 of the by-laws, set the number of directors at 13 for 2016. Bethann Webb, with a second from Cea Smith, moved to adopt the recommendation. Motion passed.

Nominated candidates Kay Dixon, Suzanne Shriner and Karen Zulkowski made brief statements. The introductory statement of Sally Brown, who was unable to attend, was read by Bruce Corker. Jim Monk, with a second from Bob Smith, moved that these four candidates be elected by acclamation and that, if the Board chooses to do so, it fill the additional two positions. Motion passed.


The three by-laws amendments proposed to the membership by the Board and attached to the notice of the Annual General Membership Meeting [Unanimity of Email votes by the Board; requirement of support for 10% Kona coffee and the objectives of the KCFA for voting membership; express authorization of proxy votes at meetings of the Board and Executive Committee] were presented for consideration by Bruce Corker. After discussion, a motion to adopt the amendments was made by Bethann Webb, with a second from Karen Zulkowski.

Meeting adjourned at 1:47 pm

Submitted by Bruce Corker, Secretary