January 18, 2019
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KCFA Goals and Objectives and Policies

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association’s mission is to promote and protect Kona farmers’ economic interests in 100% Kona coffee, to protect the Kona coffee heritage, and to seek greater legal protection of the Kona coffee name.

1. Building a Win-Win Program for Kona Farmers
The Kona Coffee Farmers Association’s goals are to help all of our member farmers succeed in their farming business and enjoy participating in an organization that represents their interests.

2. Calling for Revision of Hawaii’s 10% Kona Coffee Blend Law
Read the KCFA’s 10% Blend Law Statement and Resolution

3. KCFA GMO Position
KCFA Position on Genetically Modified Coffee Stock

4. KCFA Position on Green Coffee Imports
Green Coffee Imports – KCFA Position Statement

5. Economic Justice

6. KONA typica –KCFA Position Statement
KONA TYPICA — Position Statement and Resolution of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association


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