August 20, 2019
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Addition to Botanigard Compatibility List- email to Members of 9/9/14

CAUTION:  Pyronyl is a broad spectrum insecticide which will also kill beneficial insects. Read cautionary statements on container and follow product recommendations.

Pyronyl tests show compatibility with Botanigard
Bioworks, the maker of Botanigard, has completed a series of tank mix tests with Pyronyl and Botanigard.   The good news is that the two can be mixed together. From Bioworks:
1. BotaniGard ES is physically compatible with Pyronyl Crop Spray after 4 hours in a tank mix of either the low or high labeled rates
2. Tank mixes of Pyronyl Crop Spray and BotaniGard ES did not affect colonization and growth of BotaniGard ES at either the low or high labeled rates
3. Pyronyl Crop Spray, at both low and high rates, when sprayed over growing colonies of BotaniGard ES did not inhibit their growth.
Some farmers may not be familiar with Pyronyl.  It is a pyrethroid used for knockdown of CBB.  It has a good kill rate when used early on in the season when CBB is in the AB position (has not yet entered the bean).  Like other insecticides, it’s effectiveness drops as the season progresses and CBB are no longer vulnerable. CBB may also develop a tolerance to it so it should be used sparingly.
CTAHR recommends approximately 15 oz per 100 gallons of water, but field reports are that as little as 10 oz may be effective.  It is a general-use pesticide, and will kill beneficials so avoid spraying when bees might be present.  It does not have a systemic (ongoing) effect, unlike Botanigard.  The two can work well together for early-season or hot-spot knockdown.  Read the label for appropriate protective equipment for Pyronyl. 
This and the other information is always available on the KCFA IPM sheet downloadable at: or via CTAHR.
Kocide for Coffee Rust also tested with Botanigard
Bioworks also tested the fungicide Kocide and found it compatible with Botanigard.  While Rust (or Roya) has not been found in Hawaii yet, it has decimated crops throughout South America.