August 21, 2019
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for KCFA Members only—Free PR Offer

This summer the KCFA PR & Marketing Committee recommended, and the KCFA Board of Directors approved, a program to broaden our promotion of 100% Kona Coffee through our most enthusiastic supporters—buyers of Kona Coffee.
Here is the program:  To encourage KCFA members who directly retail their coffee to provide KCFA’s Kona Coffee message to customers, we will be giving 50 Kona Coffee Brochures or 50 Bumper Stickers or 50 of the “Pretending to be Kona”” cards–without charge.  It is the hope and expectation that this will encourage farmers to adopt a long-term practice of delivering packages of their coffee with these types of marketing messages.  The PR and Marketing Committee believes this will build customer loyalty and that our message will reach a broader audience when customers pass along the KCFA message to friends and family.
Everyone is aware of the KCFA bumper sticker (shown below)—and its “Get Real!” message.  Below are the first page of the “From Kona, Hawaii to You” tri-fold brochure and the front side of the laminated “Pretending to be Kona” card and the Bumper Sticker. 
To request a packet of one of these three items, please send an email with “PR Offer” in the subject line to and let us know which item you would like and a date for pick up.  Pick up will be at the Rancho Aloha booth at the Keauhou Shopping Center Farmers Market on Saturdays between 8:00 am and noon; or at 2:30 pm in the UH-CTAHR conference room in Kainaliu prior to the KCFA Board’s monthly meeting on the third Monday of each month (next Board meeting is Monday, October 17).

     from Kona, Hawaii to You                         Pretending to be Kona

Bumper Sticker