June 25, 2019
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KCFA Membership Chair Request

Hello fellow KCFA Members,

Our Harvest Fundraiser, a celebration of 100% Kona Coffee, is in 9 days! The date is August 13 and the place is Daylight Mind Coffee in Waterfront Row, on Alii Drive from 5-9pm.

Id like to ask you to attend and and to show your support.I believe we are fortunate to have a heritage crop that makes for a stand alone, superior coffee. I believe that promoting and protecting Kona Coffee is a valuable and worthwhile activity. I believe our legislative efforts are necessary. I join with your Board in planning to implement increased public relations, working to include the community and consumers. Education for farmers continues along with the valuable grant administration work that provides for our Beauvaria bassiana subsidies.

Additionally, the Board has worked tirelessly to promote Kona Coffee farmer interests with an exciting business proposal to be revealed at this gala. We have been busy and proudly continue in all aspects of the great work of this organization. Your organization…

Last year, we have missed both the celebration and the funds raised by our Harvest event.

Please plan to attend and you can purchase your ticket now at the KCFA website store.You can also make a donation to our important cause at the store.

Thanking you in advance,
Donna Meiners
Kona Coffee Farmers Association, Membership Chairperson