August 20, 2019
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Donald Schoenholt, founding KCFA Member

DNS – 2012 CV Who Is Donald Schoenholt and why do we KCFA Members appreciate him so much?

Letter to the Governor

From: Donald Schoenholt <>
Date: Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 2:02 AM
Subject: veto HB280
Dear Governor,

The farmers of Kona coffee, and their roaster and consumer friends on the mainland have been working diligently for years, in an uphill effort, to protect the integrity of Kona coffee and its name in the world coffee marketplace. The coffee world was rocked fifteen years ago by a scandal that severely hurt the value of this precious Hawaiian produce. Mandatory state certification of coffee was a positive result of the scandal’s aftermath, guaranteeing customers and consumers of the reliability of the product they were buying. Removal of mandatory inspection would put the good name of Kona coffee again at risk. Your veto of HB280 will reinforce the understanding that the Governor, thinking of the good of the state and her people, holds high the integrity and protection of Kona coffee, Hawaii’s famous gift to world coffee lovers. It is gratifying that you have shown the strength of spirit to support this valuable Hawaiian agricultural, and cultural asset at this critical time.

Thank you.

As we are not acquainted I am attaching a copy of my cv (ed. note, posted above).

Donald Schoenholt