August 20, 2019
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April 2014 – The Independent Voice

The Independent Voice
Newsletter of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association                         April 2014
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President’s Message
Legislative Update
Beauveria Bassiana for Farmers
Summer Soiree in June
Coffee Talk CBB – April 9
Makana O Aloha 
Recipe – Tasty Coffee Rub for Meats
Editor- Clare Wilson

Action Needed- Your Help Needed!
When you get one of these emails from KCFA-with a heading as above- don’t just groan, please take the time to follow the instructions- which give you the link and the instructions to sign in or create an account with our Hawaii Legislative branch of government.  It is pretty much painless; a few steps.  And then all you have to do is click the recommended <Oppose> or <Support> button and submit. You do not have to write any Testimony if you don’t have time.  BUT you are a Voice and it will be recorded as Opposing or Supporting the particular bill and to our fabulous Legislators, that is a vote! Your submission counts each time!  The voice of the people telling our Legislators how we feel!  The only voice we have.
We are extremely fortunate to have a KCFA Legislative Chair who takes the time to review all the Bills in the Hawaii State Legislature- ferreting out the ones that actually apply to Kona Coffee and after carefully reviewing the mass of verbiage in the Bill, the Legislative Chair gives us an opinion for we 100% Kona Coffee Farmers. The KCFA Legislative Chair is working for every one of us KCFA members.  So try to do your part the next time one of these emails comes around.
The Hawaii Legislative session only goes until June- and often we only have 48 hours’ notice when we ask for Action, so again, help us all.
Frankly all you have to remember is  20+ years ago, the Legislature felt it okay to call something with 10% Kona- a Kona Blend. We never want anything like that to ever happen again.
So exercise your vote as a Kona coffee farmer citizen of Hawaii. You’ll feel good about doing so, too.

Q-<Testifying in Person>”?
A-Means you will be at the Legislature.  Select <No> if you do not plan to be there and are instead sending in Testimony.
Q<May we put our testimony into the comments section of page instead of uploading a doc and still be effective?>
A– Yes.
Submitted by Cecelia Smith, President

$3 Million Proposal for CBB Mitigation—HB1514:  This bill was introduced by Kona Representative Nicole Lowen.  As originally drafted, the bill provided for a $3 million appropriation to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) for control and mitigation of coffee berry borer (CBB). The KCFA has supported the bill—with a strong recommendation that the appropriation be used to subsidize farmer costs for purchasing Beauvaria bassiana, and that the HDOA directly administer the subsidy program—rather than have the HDOA sub-contract out the program to private organizations. Unfortunately, after 5 legislative hearings, the $3 million for CBB mitigation has been replaced with a “blank” amount—to be filled in later. Informal reports indicate that there is a significant likelihood that the CBB subsidy amount may be cut by more than half.  Review of written testimony to the Senate Agriculture and Energy Committees’ hearing on March 13 indicates a major reduction in funding was supported by the Honolulu blenders and their allies—see the written testimony on the Legislature’s website from Jim Wayman (Hawaii Coffee Association and Hawaii Coffee Company) and David Batemen (KCC board member).  HB1514 continues to progress through the Legislature with an undisclosed appropriation amount.  As indicated in the many written testimonies of KCFA members, if the Legislature is serious about saving Hawaii coffee as an economically viable crop, Rep. Lowen’s proposal of a $3 million appropriation is a minimal first step in the right direction.

“Made-in-Hawaii”/Origin Labeling—SB111:  This bill would have authorized wide-ranging changes to “Made-in-Hawaii” and origin labeling (including coffee) to be developed by the Board of Agriculture.  The bill was of concern because it gave no policy directives, no restrictions and no limitations from the Legislature as to what regulations the Board of Agriculture might adopt.  After a significant number of opposition testimonies from KCFA members and others to the House Agriculture Committee, the Committee deferred/killed the bill on March 10.

Roast Coffee Grades/Criminal Penalties— SB2913:  This bill would–for the first time–extend as yet unwritten and/or undisclosed rules for grading and labeling of Hawaii-grown roasted coffee—with Class C Felony sanctions for any improper labeling.  The bill, for example, would impose burdensome and unnecessary requirements (and potential criminal penalties) on KCFA members who roast their own coffee in Kona. Ironically, the bill totally fails to address deceptive and false labeling of foreign-grown coffee in packages using the names “Hawaii”, “Hawaiian”, “Kona” or other Hawaii place names.  SB2913 has progressed through the Senate and is now before the House of Representatives. On March 28 the bill was considered in Honolulu at a hearing before the House Consumer Protection and Judiciary Committees.  Testifying at the hearing in opposition were Bruce Corker on behalf of KCFA and David Case on behalf of the Hawaii Farmers Union. Testifying in favor were the Honolulu blenders and their allies—Jim Wayman and Jim Lenhart of Hawaii Coffee Company and Christopher Manfredi of the State Farm Bureau.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the Committees announced that “decision-making” was being deferred until April 2 because Hawaii County members of the House of Representatives had raised concerns about the bill.

THANK YOU TO KCFA MEMBERS FOR SUBMITTING WRITTEN TESTIMONY:  The Legislative Committee thanks all of the KCFA members who have responded to calls for written testimony on various coffee-related bills during the 2014 Legislative session.  Your testimony is important in presenting the voice of Kona Coffee farmers to the Legislature.
 –-Submitted by the Legislative Committee

Grant Application

For the CBB Control and Mitigation Hawaii Department of Agriculture matching grant, KCFA applied for funds to serve as a distributor from June-December, 2014 of Beauveria bassiana.  Money would be managed through KCFA who would ensure that each participant has adequate experience and necessary education to apply the product (Mycotrol or Botanigard) for CBB control.  Educational efforts will be coordinated for those in need with Education Committee and assistance from CTAHR (as appropriate).  Partners include Farm & Garden, who has agreed to operate as the distribution pick-up site, and The Kohala Center who will work with participants who seek to cooperatively purchase sprayer units for applying the products to their coffee.  The grant decisions will be made in late April, and if the KCFA application is approved then our, “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” deal will begin in June.  So cross your fingers for approval, and always look forward to continued efforts of KCFA to meet directly the needs of our members!
Note that while KCFA has strongly supported HDOA directly handling the subsidy program, this funding comes from funds appropriated last year, which are required to be designated to entities outside of the HDOA.  Inefficiencies and poor design and implementation of programs carried forth with this funding in last year’s cycle have resulted in KCFA deciding to pursue this application to offer a well-run, farmer-available program in the present year.  The goal is to get as much product to as many members in a timely fashion that is viable! If the 2014 HB1514 is funded and implemented in the final voted version, HDOA will be directly administering the Beauveria bassiana subsidies in the coming round (which ideally will get going well prior to December, 2014 and continue forth into the foreseeable future!)
Submitted by Colehour Bondera
(grant preparer/submitter)

Paleaku Gardens

KCFA will not be having a Kona Coffee Blossom Banquet this year.  Instead, we have a very! special social event planned from 4-8 pm on Sunday, June 8th, 2014 at Paleaku Peace Gardens.

Tour the beautiful botanical beauty of Paleaku Peace Gardens Sanctuary, a non-profit charitable organization, on Painted Church Road in Honaunau. As sunset approaches, enjoy heavenly refreshments in this beautiful setting. Some fabulous food offerings are in store. Mark the date now!  You will need to BOOK EARLY for our SUMMER SOIREE.  The Garden is able to accommodate a maximum of only 75 persons, first-come first-served. When all the details are arranged, we will send out notices.

KCFA Coffee Talk
CBB – Integrated Pest Management
CBB IPM with focus on Field Sampling, Monitoring and Spraying during Cherry Development
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
CTAHR in Kainaliu

MAKANA O ALOHA gift of aloha 
A handy hint for fellow farmers 
Want to direct the growth of a coffee branch? Here’s an easy way.
To give new emerging growth more light and space, or to direct a growing coffee branch into a particular direction, here’s what you can do. Take one of the heavier- 3rd year branches you recently pruned – one about 4 or 5 feet long -for the weight of it.  Cut it into the general shape seen in the photo, using one of the small pruned off laterals as a hook, and hang it towards the top of a vertical so it bends outward.  Weighing it down gently in the direction you want it to go – and giving the new growth, more light and space.  It works.
Submitted by Bob Smith

Coffee can be used as a great way to start your day…or end it, at the grill. The dark and toasty undertones from the coffee in this dry rub pair well with dark meats.  Choose dark roast for the biggest coffee flavor or a lighter roast if you’re looking for something a little more subtle. Use on: Chicken thighs, duck, beef, or lamb.

Serves: 10
Total Time: 5 min
Prep Time: 5 min

•    1/2 cup(s) finely ground  100% Kona coffee
•    1/4 cup(s) coarsely ground pepper
•    3 tablespoon(s) kosher salt
1.    Mix coffee, pepper and salt together in a small bowl. Measure out 2 tablespoons of the rub. Using your hands, rub it evenly onto 1 1/2 pounds (6 servings) of your chosen protein just before grilling.
Submitted by Anita Kelleher