August 21, 2018
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The KCFA offers its Farmers, Associate and Business Members the opportunity to post a Classified here as a free KCFA Member Benefit. Almost anything can be posted; it doesn’t need to be only coffee-related.

*-Something for Sale *-Something you Want to Buy *-Help you Want *-Help you Want to Offer *-Donations/Giveaways *-etc.

Specifics: You must be KCFA Member. Maximum length of 500 characters and the Heading doesn't count. Include your name/email address/telephone# and the price, if applicable.

Send to with subject: Classifieds and we'll post it asap.

Be sure to check out our Supporting Business Member page too, there are items you may want and you will be supporting your fellow KCFA Members.

Needed- Farm Manager

Kona Sunburst Coffee is looking for a knowledgeable, capable manager to care for 3 acres of beautiful, productive trees (less than 8% CBB). 2 additional…

For Sale- Coffee Pulper

Penagos Ecocline 400 Pulper, carreba, dimusler all in one. 2-220 motors, 30amp total, processes approx five bags an hour, perfect for small farm processing. $3,000.00…

Coffee Huller- Brand New!

For Sale: $5,300 Never used coffee huller and polisher to mill the parchment and silver skin/paper away from the coffee, and also polishes the green…

Angie's Kona Coffee Home To Keopu Kona Coffee

Our farm is family-owned and operated, located at 1,700 feet elevation on the slopes of Mount Hualalai. Located at Keopu Mauka in Holualoa in the…

Licensed Architect- KCFA member

Leasehold Owners Many leasehold owners are finding out to comply with their new leases, all of the structures need be legal. This includes covered drying…

Help Wanted

Start Date: September 1, 2017 Weed wack lawn and orchard (less than one acre) twice a month, clean up fallen branches, etc. Clean up tropical…

Raw Meaty Bones for Dogs & Cats

Feed your pets the diet dogs and cats evolved to eat -- raw meats and meaty bones! Kona Raw Pet Food Co-op supplies local grass-fed…

Custom Roasting & Packaging

Custom Work! Convenient location for Roasting and Packaging Services. Makua Coffee is offering their custom roasting and packing services from their shop conveniently located in…

ASHE 10 lb. Electric Coffee Roaster-Fluid Bed

10 lb. Electric Coffee Roaster -$8,499.00 PLUS shipping to Hawaii is $500 Fluid bed type, uniform roasts. 10 lb load/50 lb per hour. 240 volt,…

ASHE 22lb Electric Coffee Roaster

$13,899.00 Plus Shipping to Hawaii is 500 22 LB (10 KG) fluid bed coffee roaster has been engineered with additional roast chamber and heating capacity…


  1. Roland (Ron) Cameron

    I need to purchase grain-pro bags and burlap bags and I think my membership dues are due. I don’t seem to be able to log in ( don’t have correct name or password). Please inform me of correct information. Thanks Roland 328 8916

  2. Need somebody with a medium size chipper I can hire to grind up my coffee prunings. Captain Cook. Kurt 3287424

  3. Huller needed!
    We are interested in purchasing a used huller for our small farm.

    • Scott Bedingfield

      Judy – I have the ad above for a huller needing help. It runs fine, but was worn. I had new hammers welded on but it needs someone who knows how to fine tune it. I am willing to let it go for very little.

  4. Scott Bedingfield

    Judy – I have the ad above for a huller needing help. It runs fine, but was worn. I had new hammers welded on but it needs someone who knows how to fine tune it. I am willing to let it go for very little.

  5. I am looking to sell cherry over the next several weeks. Any suggestions on where to sell & current prices?

  6. I need to find — fairly quickly — WHO HAS AN ESTRADA WET MILL, between the ages of 16 and 9 years old. Please help, I need to look at one’s electric panel to see what’s wired how.

  7. Celia: I just posted an ad for help with an Estrada Mill. I did not put my phone number and email down. Can you do that?

    Hans Eckert, 808-989-0674;

    Thank you!

  8. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with grazing sheep in in coffee orchards? It seems like a win-win with weed and grass control and good fertilizer as well. I am fairly sure young trees would not fair well but in a mature orchard, as mine is it may be possible.

    Bruce C

  9. Leandro Malatesta

    WE want to buy kona coffee seeds to produce coffee extracts, can you please contact us at

    • Our Classified section is only for Members of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association. Look at our farmer listings and contact the individuals your self. Of course you know that coffee seeds are actually just unroasted coffee beans or “green” coffee. Good luck!

  10. Good morning.
    I am looking to purchase a Coffee Pulper, new or used.
    Please give me a call 303-516-9150

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