June 21, 2018
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  1. Edward and Sherrill Salom

    I’ve spent many great visits to Hawaii as I have family there. I’ve always loved Kailua-Kona the most. I brought my wife to KONA twice last year and she was crazy over the local coffee and asked me why it tastes so much better in KONA than the mainland. I think you all know the answer to that question. When she talked to people (growers) she was motivated to help in some way. Which meant she wanted me to get involved. Coming from the Napa Valley we are very keen on the importance of labeling, especially the region the grapes are grown. In Mexico the name tequila is internationally protected from use outside that region. So it’s not impossible to get things changed. I understand that politics and commercial influence has always been the bane of any small farmer. So why not start a grass roots movement. You would be amazed at how quickly people react when they buy something and find out it’s fake.
    I have some ideas but don’t know who I would communicate with. Just let me know and maybe, in some small way, we could be of assistance.
    Oh, my wife now wants a condo in Kona. Edward S.

  2. What is the current status of Kona labelling? I see SO many labels that are not in compliance with size of font and % Kona listed in blends, etc. Is all that not required now? If it is, what is the enforcement for this? The requirements are there, but no one seems to care if they are enforced or not. It’s confusing.

  3. The HI Dept of Ag is asleep at the wheel in this regard. There never was much enforcement to begin with. Maybe a letter with a reminder at most. But even this hasn’t happen for the last few years. The stereotypical answer is that they wouldn’t have the manpower; especially after the layoffs under the previous government. That a few hours of enforcement work combined with a press release would make a massive impact seems not to be an option.

    Only comfort is that the regulations are still there and could be enforced again immediately if the department wakes up to its duties.

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