July 17, 2019
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KCFA Expired Member Renewal Appeal

9.25.2015-Membership Chair Donna Meiners sent out an appeal for past Members and Supporters to renew, below:

Aloha Kona Coffee Farmers Association past Members and Supporters,

My name is Donna Meiners and last Spring, I became the volunteer Membership Chairman for our Association.

In KCFA, I found an organization that truly supports the small farmer: watching out for our Kona reputation in legislative action and monitoring; providing knowledge through the website and hands on workshops; looking for small business opportunity; assisting financially by obtaining and administering a grant to assist combating CBB; hosting a store where I can find those special bags; sending us monthly news and even recipes (“The Independent Voice” – totally well said) and celebrating our community of members with picnics, parties and community event participation.

I now know a lot about how our wonderful website works and there is a lot of knowledge stored there. I review the Board minutes and am amazed at the dedication and attention to the issues discussed. A big thank you for such leadership!

So, how can all this be accomplished with only an annual fundraiser and our small membership fees? Beats the heck outta me.

The bigger question right now is: How did you let your membership lapse???
An “association” is defined by Webster as “An organized body of people having a common interest; a society.” Society’s definition includes, “companionship.” I get the common interest – we are the little fish in this big pond called coffee farming. Additionally, I feel the companionship offered by our mission and values.

Please join with me to continue the strength that is ours, shared in association and demonstrated by our member numbers.
Do it today! Use the website or contact me for assistance.