September 20, 2018
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Kona Coffee Farmers Estate Program

We are interested in supporting the Kona Coffee Estate farmer in every way. Apply for your Estate status and let your customers know that the coffee in their bag is all yours.

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To apply:

1. You must be a farmer and member of Kona Coffee Farmers Association.
2. You must be the owner of the farm/land the coffee is grown on.
3. Only the coffee grown on your farm can be used as your Estate coffee.
4. You must have good husbandry.
5. You must keep documentation of processing and maintain a paper trail.
6. Your coffee must meet State of Hawaii Hawaii State Green Coffee Bean Standard as adopted under Chapter 147, Hawaii Revised Statutes in the category called Select, used for Estate farmers.

Apply now for our Estate Program by sending an
e-mail to

Mahalo from all of us at the Kona Coffee Farmers Association!

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