July 17, 2019
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Members who use GMAIL

Dated 08/12/2013 but relevant. We want to be sure you get our emails.

Updated 02/16/2016

Using GMAIL as THE address for getting your KCFA email? Read below.

If your GMAIL account has been upgraded you now see 3 “tabs” at the top of your GMAIL- <Primary>, <Social> and <Promotions>, and your KCFA correspondence  is now found in <Promotions>.  We want you to get the timely KCFA emails which come with your Membership.

To have your Kona Coffee Farmers Association messages go into your <Primary> in-box, go to the <Promotions> tab, click on a KCFA message, hold down your mouse and then literally drag that message from the <Promotions> tab over to the <Primary> and unclick your mouse.  A yellow box will pop up at the very top and ask if you “want to do this every time with emails from KCFA?”, click “yes”.

PLEASE email: info@KonaCoffeeFarmers.org with the subject GMAIL if you need help with this.