August 20, 2019
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Bob Smith’s Fertiliser Distributor/Applicator Invention

Supplies Needed Beforehand

  • Thin wall PVC Pipe, 1.5 inches in diameter, 21-24 inches long
  • Two MacNut Bags (1 used for shoulder harness)
  • Sash Cord for Harness – approximately 3 feet (or more) long
  • Smaller diameter cord for securing PVC to bag – approximately 6 feet and also another 2 feet for securing bag to shoulder harness
  • Duct Tape for shoulder harness
  • Pebble or large marble to secure corner of Fertiliser Bag to Harness

To Install PVC Pipe
Carefully cut stitching in one bottom corner of a MacNut bag to diameter of PVC pipe. Flare material out from cutting. Insert PVC pipe approximately 1 inch into hole, with flared material along PVC. Secure with cord as shown in “Applicator End when Secured to Bag” photo below. Photo #2

To Create Shoulder Harness
Lay sash cord on ground. Tightly wrap other MacNut bag width-wise around sash cord, and secure completely with duct tape. As shown in Photo #1 (Applicator Bag when Completed)

To Install Shoulder Harness
Insert a round pebble or large marble into the other corner (the harness corner) of the MacNut bag. Make a loop that fits securely around the outside of the pebble/marble and secure with cord as shown in “Shoulder Harness Attached to Bag” photo below. Photo #3


#1- Applicator Bag when Completed

#2- Applicator end when secured to bag

#3- Shoulder Harness attached to Bag

#4 Loading Sequence #1

#5 Loading Sequence 2

#6 Twist Bag top

#7 Harness Loop for securing top of bag

#8 Attach Harness Loop to Bag

#9 Another view- Loop Attached

#10 Ready to Go

#11 Putting it on!

#12 Fifty pounds loaded and ready

#13 Back view loaded and ready

#14 Filled Bag and ready for distribution

#15 Distributing Fertiliser

#16 More Distribution

#17 Distribution area

Questions can be emailed to Bob here.

Good luck!! Works very well, especially in uneven terrain.