June 24, 2019
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What is Kona Worth 2018?

We are looking for information on the 2018-2019 Cherry prices. Please send the prices and the respective buyers in an email (click>>>>) here, knowing your identity will certainly be protected.
The more information we have, the more we can share with fellow farmers.


KCFA’s purpose in posting this information is to encourage free market competition among the buyers–and make as much information as widely available as possible. Basic economic theory holds free competitive markets are based on freely available price information.

Coffee Cherry Price
Buyer Location Cherry Price/LB Last Update
Hawaii Coffee Treehouse, S. Kona 0-20% CBB Damage: $1.95
21-30% CBB Damage: $1.80
31-40% CBB Damage: $1.60
41-50% CBB Damage: $1.50
51-60% CBB Damage: $1.00
61-80% CBB Damage: $.50
over 81% CBB Damage: S0.00
Greenwell 0-5% CBB Damage:
week $1.85/month $1.95
6-10% CBB Damage:
week $1.80/month $1.90

11-15% CBB Damage:
week $1.75/month $1.85

16-20% CBB Damage:
week $1.70/month $1.80

21-30% CBB Damage:
week $1.40/month $1.50

31-40% CBB Damage:
week $1.10/month$1.20

entire Greenwell chart and over 40% can be found here
currently n/a
Kona Hills 0-10% CBB Damage: $1.95
11-20% CBB Damage: $1.85
21-30% CBB Damage: $1.75
30-40% CBB Damage: $1.00
Payment to growers within 72 hours
currently n/a

Given the refusal of many Kona middlemen/buyers to publicly disclose prices they are paying and in the spirit of a healthy competitive economic market for Kona coffee, we ask all farmers to please advise us click>>> to email here>  WhatIsKonaWorth@KonaCoffeeFarmers.org
—-in total confidence—-, what prices are being paid for cherry and parchment from middlemen/buyers in Kona, on the Mainland, or elsewhere, for posting on this page.

Your name will not be used but we want to gather as much information as possible so that our Farmers can look for the best competitive prices available.

Please confirm the price and the payment schedule before selling.

**  The Sliding Payment Scale for CBB
It is your right to watch your processor count CBB damage in your coffee. KCFA highly recommends that you request to have your cherry graded in front of you BEFORE you allow them to take or empty any of your bags. It will take a little longer but will be more than worth the trouble.   This method prevents any surprises when you receive your check weeks or a month later.